API parameters


Name In Type Description Default
Bearer Token Authorization string Authentication token.
ContactId Json Data string ContactId.
Role Json Data string Position in Company. Director & Shareholder,Director,Shareholder
Title Json Data string Title of the contact. Sr,Dr,Miss,Mr,Mr & Miss,Mr & Mrs
FirstName Json Data string First Name of the contact.
LastName Json Data string Last Name of the contact.
DateOfBirth Json Data string Date Of Birth of the contact.
Nationality Json Data string Nationality of the contact.
Address Json Data string Address of the contact.
Email Json Data string Email of the contact.
ISDCode Json Data string ISD Code of the contact.
MobileNumber Json Data string Mobile Number of the contact.
PrimaryContact Json Data string true,false
AddressDetails AddressLine1 string Address Details of the contact.
City Json Data string City of the contact.
PostCode Json Data string Post Code of the contact .
Country Json Data string Country of the contact.
Status Json Data string Contact status. Active,Inactive




Name In Type Description
CustomerId Parameter string CustomerId.




     "ContactDetails": [{         
     "ContactId": "0FDC7CC9-86CC-4002-88CE-",
     "Role": "Director",
     "Title": "Mr",
     "FirstName": "John",
     "LastName": "Smith",
     "DateOfBirth": "1980-09-07",
     "Nationality": "GB",
     "Email": "John@test.com",
     "ISDCode": "44",
     "MobileNumber": "810873325144",
     "PrimaryContact": "false",
     "Status": "Inactive",
     "AddressDetails": {
     "AddressLine1": "Test Address",
     "City": "London",
     "PostCode": "396185",
     "Country": "GB"





     "message": "Contact updated successfully!!!"


Error Codes


HTTP Status Code Description
401 Invalid credentials Invalid credentials
400 Contactid required Contactid required
404 Invalid contactid Invalid contactid
400 Invalid JSON body Invalid JSON body
400 Role required Role required
404 Invalid role Invalid role
400 Title required Title required
404 Invalid title Invalid title
400 First name required First name required
400 Last name required Last name required
400 Date Of birth required Date Of birth required
400 Date Of birth should be in yyyy/mm/dd Date Of birth should be in yyyy/mm/dd
400 Nationality required Nationality required
404 Invalid nationality Invalid nationality
400 Email required Email required
404 Invalid email Invalid email
400 ISD code required ISD code required
400 Mobile number required Mobile number required
400 Primary contact required Primary contact required
400 Address details required Address details required
400 Addressline1 required Addressline1 required
400 City required City required
400 Post code required Post code required
400 Country required Country required
404 Invalid status Invalid status